Happy Easter – Buona Pasqua !! :)

DSC03944During this special Easter’s days I want to wish you a lot of joyful, happy, sunny moments with your family and friends!!

And please remember about some activity after eating a delicious Easter dishes (btw about mine cooperation with one person and our article about an activity during vacation will be more soon).

Pasqua is especially important here in Italy where mostly of time we spend with family. All of us are surrounded by huge chocolate Easter eggs which are a symbol of new life as well as delicious gift!

Tradition in Italy is huge breakfast, main role play hard-boiled eggs of course, but also salami and red wine, cheese pizza, the dove Easter omelette with mint and bread baked in a wood. For sure to traditional dishes belong: Agnello, Pizza al formaggio, Minestra di Pasqua, Carciofi e patate soffritti, Arancini, La Colomba di Pasqua, Ciambellone di Pasqua, Gubana Easter Bread.

What is more on Easter Monday, known as “Pasquetta” is used to make snacks or lunches (picnic) outside in the country or in the park.

And how these special days you spend in your country?

At the end one more time Happy Easter-Buona Pasqua!

Budapest ! What an amazing city !

DSC03690Lucky we! Because were able to have been in this city . . . the city that totally charmed us.

We spent there great time!

The flight from Pisa or Roma lasts only 1h20 . . . And it doesn’t matter that we just came back, we want to go there one more time! Priceless views, good food, very nice local people, a lot of attractions during the day and night.DSC03626

Below some photos . . . and the famous attractions of Budapest : Buda Castle Hill; Budapest Opera House; Chain Bridge; Budapest Parliament; Matthias Church; Royal Palace; Fishermen’s Bastion; Heroes’ Square; Central Market Hall; Gellért Hill; Great Synagogue; Andrássy Avenue; St. Stephen’s Basilica; Budapest Academy of Music; City Park; Váci Street; Budapest Broadway; Vörösmarty Square; Danube Promenade; Shoes on the Danube; Millennium Underground . . .DSC03292

If you have ever possibility to be there . . . don’t waste time to think if it’s worth! Trust me it is!

However maybe you have already been there ? Did you enjoyed ? Feel free to write about it !

Tomorrow Friday :) have a sunny and happy weekend ! Enjoy it!

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Amaury Cambuzat plays Ulan Bator

20140406_005817Do you remember Corte dei Miracoli?! I hope yes :) If you don’t know what I am writing about just check it here http://justvisitsiena.com/category/corte-dei-miracoli/.

The last event that took place there just yesterday (5th of April) was AMAURY CAMBUZAT plays ULAN BATOR.20140406_005741.

Founder of the French band Ulan Bator presented, in an acoustic version, all the songs that have marked the history of the group.

The multi-instrumentalist French Amaury Cambuzat founded the Ulan Bator in 1993 together with Olivier Manchion. Over the years, it was going to be a tireless production, which can count as many as ten albums under the brand Ulan Bator.

Since 1996 collaborates with the historical formation of the German Faust; recorded two albums with side-project Chaos Physique and three solo albums. His entire discography collects a wide cross-party consensus, by critics and audiences.

He has worked with well-known names of the independent international scene as Robin Guthrie ( Cocteau Twins) , Michael Gira (The Swans ), James Johnston ( Gallon Drunk , Bad Seeds) , Nikki Sudden ( Swell Maps) , and in Italy with Egle & Sommacal Emidio Clementi (maximum volume) , CSI, Marlene Kuntz, or even recently joined Marco Campitelli ( DeAambula Records) in Oslo Tapes project.

Some more information you can find on official website: http://acidcobra.wix.com/acidcobra .

Also there you can learn that Amaury Cambuzat plays Ulan Bator (Acoustic) is since November 2013 on the tour, that will finish 8th June 2014. Check here if you can participate in one of the remaining concerts: http://acidcobra.wix.com/acidcobra#!about3/c1w3b .

20140406_004913And coming back to yesterday the concert started at midnight. But it was worth to wait and not only for me because in Corte dei Miracoli was very crowded.

All of us had an opportunity to listen his French songs and what is more amazing guitar’s playing. And everything was in an acoustic version. So what you want more :)

In summary I want to admit (one more time) that it was certainly worth to be yesterday in Corte dei Miracoli. And if you have a possibility to see one from remaining concerts, you should be there and enjoy it.

And unfortunately like this passes another weekend. Wish you a sunny and happy week!

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Pizza in Siena = Il pomodorino !

I know that last time was about food, very special for me . . . and as I see not only for me . . . chocolate!

Also today about food, but two difference: it is not dolce, and it is dainty for Italy . . . so can be only Pizza !

You know very well (when you have been here), or you will learn very fast (when you will be here) that in Italy, in Siena you can get pizza or even one piece of pizza everywhere. It is a good idea to eat something fast for example during your sightseeing.

However sometime you want to eat Italian pizza not in rush (as a fast lunch). Isn’t it great to taste it with a glass of red wine in one of our cozy place!?

That’s why I want to suggest you today . . . Il pomodorino (http://www.ilpomodorino.com/)! There we go.

And I can say without doubts that Il pomodorino offers one of the best pizzas in Siena, that is baked in wood-fuelled oven in compliance with the dictates of the Napolitan Pizza Academy. To prepare every pizza the freshest, top quality ingredients are used, such as Buffalo mozzarella D.O.P. from Campania.

Menu is divided on Le Bianche (white pizza) and Le Rosse (red pizza). Don’t forget only about wine! You can find there a vast selection of Italian wines as well as of international beers and champagnes.

What is more after pizza you can (if you have still some place in your stomach) take the extensive and constantly varied range of dessert that is skillfully prepared by one of Salerno’s historical patisserie shops.

I am sure that you will be charmed by the interior of the restaurant (perfect for romantic dinner) like also by the external part. The second is my favorite. You can ask why. . . Because of the view of course, the best I guess in Siena. The restaurant is situated in one of the most charming corners overlooking a view of inimitable beauty comprising the cathedral, the del Mangia tower and the basilica of San Domenico (Via Camporegio, 13).
Il pomodorino is opened daily from 19:00 to 1:00. What is more from April to October also for lunch.

And the last thing to remember is reservation. Trust me it is good to make it because after 8 pm becomes always very crowded with characteristic queue of waiting people in front of the local.
Ok, that is it from me. . . and buon appetito! :)

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La festa del Cioccolato Artigianale !

Last weekend on Piazza del Campo was dedicated . . . like every year . . . chocolate!
We had four days of events dedicated to chocolate, which have gathered thousands of Siena and tourists. DSC03881
The feast of artisan chocolate was sponsored by the City of Siena and organized by ChocoMoments and Acai.

During four days took place a lot of interesting events. Such a like: tango show (itinerant edited by Tango Oblivion which started from Piazza Chigi, made a stop in via Pantaneto before reaching Piazza del Campo); Urban Choco Running (150 participants in the urban race sponsored by The Marathon Sports and engaged in a 5 km route in the historic center, arriving in the square where they received a prize bars of dark chocolate); The International Chef Academy of Tuscany (cooking show); workshop “Conoscere il cioccolato” e da “Cioccolato &…”(made in collaboration with Enoteca Italiana , the space devoted to wine tastings, brandy and chocolate). DSC03888

What is more during la festa was also provided the special opening of The Secret rooms of Palazzo Pubblico.

However no doubt that the most chocolate’s place in Siena during last weekend was Piazza del Campo. Just here in the air was the best smell ever . . . chocolate. Like previous years you could be lost in lots of stalls full of chocolate products. And it was impossible to deny yourself a bit of haven’s taste. And trust me the choice was very big. Unfortunately products weren’t very cheap. But once for a while why not!

Now I wish to come back . . . there and I think not only I !
Fortunately chocolate is a treasure that you can always find in my house, for us definitely necessary to survive! So let’s make chocolate day also today! buon appetito!

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Happy in Siena !

As you probably you know, making a video to this song is so popular now.

Siena couldn’t miss the occasion to show that we are happy here . . . in Siena! On Thursday (20th March) Siena2019 launches video on the occasion of the International Day of happiness.

The video was made for the Nomination of Siena, the European Capital of Culture in 2019 with the participation of the whole community of Siena, who responded enthusiastically to the idea.
The video was directed, edited and shot by MoviementHD di Riccardo Domenichini.

Isn’t it good to start your day with a music, especially with the one that gives you also opportunity to do some sightseeing by occasion?! :) Just only look below:)

Have a happy week !